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Your time is valuable. Save it for more important business matters such as growing your customer base and revenue.

Leave the busy work of monitoring, organizing, and verifying your workers’ hours and pay/bill rates to us.

A solution designed to enhance your current process

How are you keeping track of your workers' schedules, rates, and projects? Whether you’re using a timesheet app or paper timesheets, we’ll work with you to refine your process.

Based on your project scope and needs, we’ll custom-design a solution that introduces minimal changes to your current processes.

We will first conduct an initial review to understand your current processes and requirements. Then, we’ll share our recommended solution for your approval and inputs.


Stay organized even when workers switch between projects or positions

Managing workers on different projects often involves dealing with different pay rates, bill rates, and expenses. We factor in all these details when preparing payroll and invoices. Simply grant us viewing privileges to your project management software so we can access the data.

Loop us in on discussions about projects and rates by assigning us a guest account on your Slack channels or other platforms. Giving us visibility of your projects allows us to stay updated on workforce assignments and rates.


Verification of data

The information in our payroll and hours worked reports go through meticulous checks by our data verification teams to ensure the highest standards of accuracy. We’ll create a process document that details your working procedures so our team has clear guidelines on processing your information.

While we can’t guarantee zero mistakes, especially in the early phases, they’ll give us valuable insights to refine our processes and improve in the long run.


An easier way to run payroll, invoices and reports

We’ll create a verified spreadsheet documenting your workers’ projects, hours, and rates for your approval. The verified data can then be used to run your payroll, generate invoices, or create specific reports as needed.

Besides timesheet tracking, we also provide payroll and invoicing outsourcing services for small businesses. Talk to us to find out how we can lighten your workload.


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